Working out

30 minutes on the elliptical this morning.

The journey to freeing my inner curvy skinny girl…

I changed my eating habits about three weeks ago. I eat yogurt berries and granola for breakfast every morning. Then a 7 cup salad with romaine lettuce spinach cucumbers tomatoes avocados feta cheese and grilled chicken with a Greek vinaigrette drizzled over it. Then for dinner I eat one average portion of whatever I fix for dinner that night.

This passed week I added in Zumba three times a week.

A week ago I stepped onto a scale. I looked down. That number I saw was uber embarrassing I couldn’t believe I’d let myself slip that far back when just three years prior I was making such great head way I’d dropped from 320 to 265. I was only 100lbs from my goal weight yet I’d allowed myself to wallow in that very dark place for two years and that number was 340lbs that is the most I’ve ever weighed and it was at that moment that I decided this change had to be a lifestyle change. Curiosity got me again this past week. I stepped onto that scale on Wednesday March 5,2014 and the number I saw brought validation 330lbs. Yes it still more than I should weigh but it’s less than I weighed a week ago so there is progress and with adding the exercising into the equation that will increase the calories burned.

I am currently a size 24. My goal is to be down to a size 18 by June 2. Can I accomplish that? ABSOLUTELY! My end goal is to drop to a size 14 by September 1,2014. This means I need to be held accountable. I need to be called out when I slip. Don’t hesitate to slap the donut or cookie out of my hand. I need the support of my family and friends. I value their opinions over the opinions of strangers. I know I am capable of this. I am now determined to make it happen! Please cheer me on and watch as I shed my fat girl body for the curvy skinny girl I’ve always been under all my rolls of insecurity.

I will be documenting my journey on my tumblr account with blog post and pictures. This is my year and I will conquer my world!